2016 Session Proposals

AP 1: Tenancy: Extended Notice Period (H & T)
This measure would allow seniors and individuals with disabilities the option to extend the vacate notice period up to 6 months in order to relocate,
SA E Bloch

AP 2: Unit Pricing (H)
This measure will require the Dept of Food and Agriculture to create standardize format for product pricing available to consumers.
SA G Cave

AP 3: Building Standards (H&T)
This measure would require support rails be installed in all new and existing public build elevators.
SA C Cowlishaw

AP 4: Personal Income Tax Voluntary Contribution (F&I)
This measure would allow filers of corporate tax returns Form 100 & partnerships returns Form 565 to contribute amounts in excess of their tax liability.
SA F Davis

AP 5: Labeling of Prescription Drugs (H)
This measure would require Physicians and Surgeons to include the purpose of the medication on the prescription label.
SA M Gould

AP 6: California Senior Legislature Funding (S&L)
This measure would ask for an appropriation of $500,000 annually from the General Fund to cover CSL basic operations.
SA D Kammerer

AP 7: Identiy Theft (S&L)
This measure would create a 2 year sentence enhancement for conviction of crime against a person 65 years or older and result in a financial loss of $25,000.
SA D Kammerer

AP 8: Medi-Cal Waiver—Home Delivered Meals for Older Adults (H)
This measure would require the State Dept. of Health & Human Services to provide medically proscribed, nutritious home delivered meals to older adults.
SA S Krohn

AP 9: Financial Elder Abuse Reporting (F&I)
This measure would amend the definition of Mandatory Reporters of suspected financial abuse of Elder or dependant Adults to include officers and employees of businesses licensed under the Money transmission Act.
SA C Molnar

AP 10: Property Taxation Taxable Value Freeze For Seniors (S&L)
This measure would freeze property taxes for Seniors, 65 years of age & living on fixed retirement income.
SA C Molnar

AP 11: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (H)
This measure would require the state to provide SSI/SSP recipients, who are ineligible for SNAP with a state funded benefit comparable to the benefit amount as SNAP.
SA C Molnar

AP 12: Property Taxation: Opt-out for Seniors (S&L)
This measure would require cities, counties and districts to allow Seniors who are retired or living on a fixed income to “OPT OUT paying taxes on real property.
SA C Molnar

AP 13: Senior Hunger (S&CS)
This measure would provide additional funding for congregate and home delivered nutritional services.
SA P Purcell

AP 14: Medi-Cal Resource Limits: Motor Vehicles (H&T)
This measure would require Households with 2 motor vehicles to have both exempt for the purpose of determining eligibility under the Medi-Cal program.
SA P Purcell

AP 15: Insurance Policy Disclosure: Seniors (F&I)
This measure requires an Insurance Company to require a senior insured to sign a separate disclose page when certain events occurs in the insurance policy.
SA B Taylor

AP 16: Mobile Home Residency Rights (H&T)
This measure would authorize any homeowner to share the mobile home with one guest and would delete the requirement of a written treatment plan by a physician.
SA L Rolfe

AP 17: CA Chinese Railroad Workers Memorial Day (S&CS)
This measure asks Legislators to designate May 10 as a state day of remembrance for the Chinese Railroad Workers.
SA E Tom

AP 18: Alzheimer’s Day Care Resource Centers (S&CS)
This measure is to fund Alzheimer’s Day Care Resource Center Programs.
SA S Walker

AP 19: Medi-Cal Long-term Care Personal Needs Allowance (S&CS)
This measure would increase person needs allowance from $35 to $80 per month & annually adjust person needs allowance by some percentage of the Consumer Price Index.
SA S Walker

AP 20: Personal Income Tax Credit : Caregivers (F&I)
This measure will allow an eligible caregiver credit against personal income tax proposed for taxable year equal to 30 percent of qualified expenses.
SA A Warren

AP 21: Long-Term Care System Integration Act of 2017 (S&L)
This measure would create the Office of Policy and Program Integration within CA Health & Human Services Agency.
SA D Wiltsee

SP 1: Alzheimer research Funding (H)
This measure will allocate $10 million per year for next three years to fund non-pharmacological Alzheimer research.
SS A Bortel

SP 2: Pain Management (H)
This measure will be used to direct the Medical Board to issue guidelines, rules and regulations to correct the problem of under treatment of pain.
SS R Cervantes

SP 3: Undue Influence (S&L)
This measure would establish an express presumption of undue influence where a senior 65 or older changes his/her estate plan within the year of their death.
SS R Howk

SP 4: Financial Support of CSL (H&T)
This measure would require Dept of Motor Vehicles to issue special license plates to provide funding.
SS T Kagen

SP 5: Awareness and Prevention of Accidental Poisoning (H)
This measure will require Pharmacy’s to create a bottle recycling program for all prescription bottles and to provide a simple list to patients of all their medications and what combinations could result in lethal interactions.
SS T Kagen

SP 6: Prescription Drug Waste Recycling (H)
This measure would require all pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors to establish local drug recycling centers.
SS T Kagen

SP 7: Traffic Safety—Vision Zero (H&T)
This measure would create a statewide Initiative with the goal of eliminating all traffic related fatalities by 2025.
SS T Kagen

SP 8: Public Transit—Statewide Senior Passes (H&T)
This measure would direct the Dept of Transportation to require operators to have mandatory senior passes.
SS T Kagen

SP 9: Document Execution—Patients in Skilled Nursing Facility (H&T)
This measure would require a document executed a patient that requires a Jurat also be witnessed by a patient advocate or ombudsperson.
SS M Peabody

SP 10: Parking Lot Markers (H&T)
This measure requires property owners of commercial or privately owned non-residential parking lots to mark the individual spaces and rows for ease of location.
SS G Plascencia

SP 11: Parkinson’s Disease (H)
This measure requires development of an assessment to rate people with Parkinson’s Disease on the ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.
SS R Whisnand