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Volunteer at Session

The success of Session depends on having volunteers to help staff the event. Please consider volunteering for Session. These descriptions are only a brief overview of each job. Actual duties may vary from day to day depending on the needs of the scheduled events.

Registration Clerk: Responsible for checking in members and volunteers using a sign-in sheet, distributes appropriate documents and materials, and provides locations and other important information.

Resource Secretary: Records the actions of the committee, radioactive dating accuracy oil helps conduct Committee elections as well as record votes for the Legislative Committee Members and Alternates and Joint Rules Committee nominees.

Committee Messenger: Assists Resource Person by answering telephone, delivering messages, delivering completed proposals to the Legislative Staff Room, and locating proposal authors.

Sergeant-at-Arms: These volunteers monitor the doors to make sure those entering the Assembly or Senate Chambers during Floor new jersey singles tennis or General Sessions have the appropriate credentials. Volunteers selected for these jobs usually have past annual session experience and are usually able to recognize legislative dignitaries.

Floor Clerk: Reads proposals, conducts and records roll call vote, and acts at the pleasure of the Senior Assembly Member or Senior Senate Chairs.

Floor Messenger: Assist at floor sessions by carrying completed proposals from Resource Person to legislative staff room, placing and removing blotters and tent cards, distributes material, and cleans up the floor when sessions are complete.

Staff Room Clerk: Assists for two-hour+ shifts in staff room operations by helping to provide information, take and distribute messages, and perform other dutiesas needed.

Support Clerk: Places and removes blotters and tent cards on floor desks, counts ballots, and distributes material to floor desks.