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How Can I Help?

The California Senior Legislature is a volunteer-driven organization that relies on individuals interested in furthering the legislative agenda for older Californians. You can help this mission in several ways:

Your time and talent: The California Senior Legislature is in need of your help.

We need interested candidates to run for the California Senior Legislature. Click here to find out how.

We need volunteers at the Annual Session. The very success of the Session lies in having enough volunteers to make the event run smoothly. Click here to find out how your can help.

We need people to get the word out about California Senior Legislature. Request a speaker for your next service club meeting or other forum. Click here to request a speaker.

We need interested seniors to volunteer locally, especially at regional Planning and Service Area Agency on Aging in the California Senior Network. Click here to see the regional PSA AAA in your area to contact for volunteer opportunities.

Your treasure: The California Senior Legislature depends on your donations.

Each year, we must raise $250,000 through the California Tax Form Checkoff, Code 438. Please consider making a generous donation through your California income tax form, or directly to the California Senior Legislature. Click here for more details on our funding and to make a donation.