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Become a Senior Legislator

If you are passionate about issues facing older Californians and their families, you may want to consider running for the California Senior Legislature.

Who can become a Senior Legislator?

Persons age sixty (60) or over on election day, who are registered to vote and who reside in the Planning and Service Area (PSA) for which the election is held. Candidates are required to identify their respective district’s State Senator, State Assembly Member and Congressional Representative on their application for Candidacy.

What is the Process to Qualify As a Candidate?

If the Planning and Service Area has designed subdivisions or districts, candidates shall file only in the district in which they reside. A nomination petition package provided by the Area Agency on Aging must be filed by a specified filing date.

The package includes:

  • Nomination (or Ballot) Petition requiring signatures of 25 eligible voters
  • Statement of Commitment requiring candidate’s signature
  • CSL Code of Ethics requiring candidate’s signature and date
  • Biographical statement

An election is held, supervised by the PSA AAA to elect candidates. The next election will be held in 2022.
For information on elections, please contact your local Area Agency on Aging (AAA).

Candidates for Election to the CSL

For use of people who are applying for the position of Senior Senator or Senior Assembly Member.

  • Application for Candidacy
  • Ballot Petition
  • Code of Ethics
  • Statement of Commitment