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Please consider a donation to the CSL to support the Annual Session. Information about the work of the dedicated community volunteer members over the past 30 years is available at the CSL website www.4csl.org.  

Your tax deductible contributions may be sent to CF0A/CSL at 1020 N Street, Room 513, Sacramento, CA 95814.   




Senior Assembly Member Constance Langford of
Santa Clara County (Planning and Services Area 10)

Senior Senator Al Blum of Sacramento
County (Planning and Service Area 4) 

Greetings Friends and Members:   


Our Partner News this month is dedicated to the upcoming October 24-28, 2011 31st Annual Legislative Session.  


Over 100 California Senior Legislature (CSL) Senior Senators and Assembly Members will travel from their local communities across California and gather in Sacramento to work together over a four day period reviewing 62 legislative proposals developed and submitted for consideration by their fellow  members. The proposals address a wide variety of important issues addressing older adults, younger people with disabilities and their families.


This year, four state proposals were authored by State Legislators and recently signed into law by Governor Brown! See our article below. In addition, Senator Lou Correa (D-34) announced the approval of Senate Concurrent Resolution 32 (SCR 32) honoring recognizing the contributions of California's senior volunteers. The Resolution proclaims the month of May as "Senior Volunteer Month" in California. Senior Senator Joanna Kim-Selby of Contra Costa County (PSA 7) authored the proposal (SP-13) and worked closely with Senator Correa's office in making the recognition of senior volunteerism during the month of May a permanent celebratory event. Also, in partnership with the Califrnia Commission on Aging, ACR 78  was carried by Assemblymember Carol Galgiani. Senior Assembly Member Richard Dahlgren of Merced County (PSA 31) in partnership with the California Commission on Aging, submitted the proposal. This measure declares the month of November 2011 as California Senior Center Month. The Commission will graciously present the resolution to the CSL during the Senior center Forum scheduled on November 14, 2011. (see notice below) 


It is very exciting to participate in the state legislative process and watch your ideas and those of your colleagues and fellow community advocates  be signed into legislation.  


We'll be starting the Annual Session process in less than a week! On October 28th, we will announce the  Senior Assembly and Senior Senate "Top Ten" State Proposals and "Top Four" federal proposals for 2012.   


We look forward to welcoming graduate students from California State  University (CSU) Bakersfield and Chico to our Session this year. It will be a great intergenerational opportunity to work together and spend time discussing issues related to improving services and programs for older people in the state. Thank you to Senior Assembly Member Shirley Krohn of Contra Costa County for her help in making this mutually beneficial learning experience possible!


Over the past month, we  mourned the loss of CSL Senior Assembly Member Lynn Pankhurst (San Diego County). Although we say goodbye, the ongoing dedication and advocacy accomplished by CSL members in the local community keeps the memory of Lynn and other dear members who have passed away this year, in our hearts and actions. 


We sincerely appreciate the wonderful volunteers that help us at the Annual Session and all of those who support us, stand with us partners and show an interest our work.  




-Rick Dahlgren

Chair, Joint Rules Committee  


-Joseph Cox 

Chair, Session Planning Sub-Committee

Joint Rules Committee 



The California Senior Legislature (CSL) applauds Governor Brown for signing into law the following four bills:


AB 138 (Assemblymember Jim Beall) establishing the Elder Economic Planning Act of 2011.


AB 332  (Assemblymember Betsy Butler) amending existing law regarding identity theft and elder abuse and prescribes penalties for violation thereof.


AB 1090 (Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield) establishing the County Deferred Property Tax Program for Senior and Disabled Citizens


SB 33 (Senator Joe Simitian) amending provisions of the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Protection Act.


These four new laws were proposed by CSL members Senior Senator Lola Young, Sacramento (2008), (PSA 4), Senior Assembly Member Richard Shontz, West Hills, (PSA 19), Senior Assembly Member Charles Molnar, Santa Cruz, (PSA  2) and Senior Assembly Member Shirley Krohn, Walnut Creek, (PSA 7), respectively.   


Concurrent Resolutions  


ACR 78 (Assemblymember Carol Galgiani) This measure declares the month of November 2011 as California Senior Center Month in recognition of the importance of senior centers to  the older population.This proposal was developed by the California Commission on Aging in partnership with Senior Assembly Member Richard Dahlgren and Senior Senator Joe Cox of Merced County (PSA 31).


SCR 32 (Senator Lou Correa) declared May 2011 and each May thereafter as "Senior Volunteer Month" to honor the contributions of California's senior volunteers. This proposal was developed and submitted by Senior Senator Joanna Kim-Selby, El Cerrito (PSA 7). 


***The signing of this critical legislation coincides with the upcoming 31st Annual Legislative Session of the CSL where over 110 Senior Assembly Members and Senators will convene in the chambers and committee hearing rooms of the State Capitol to review 62 proposals reflecting model legislation designed to benefit older adults and younger people with disabilities in California. Ten state proposals and four federal proposals will be announced as the "top proposals" at the close of the Session. The State Legislature will be in recess during the CSL Session which is scheduled for October 24 - 27, 2011.

Jack Alderson Vet of Year
Assemblymember Wes Chesbro and Senior Senator Jack Alderson


Senior Senator Jack Alderson of Humboldt County (PSA 1) was honored as Veteran of the Year for the First Assembly District. Asemblymember Wes Chesbro honored Jack, a  former Harbor District CEO for his Navy and public service.  


Assemblymember Chesbro stated as part of the celebration, "It is my pleasure to give this recognition to Jack, who served his country for 21 years in the Navy and when he retired devoted his life to public service in port and harbor management," Chesbro said. "Jack has such tremendous energy, remaining actively involved as an advocate for veterans and serving in the California Senior Legislature to this day."  Read the entire article and view a short video posted on Assemblymember Chesbro's web site.   See the Video here...

View our videos on YouTube


Senior Assembly Member Vince Agor of Orange County - PSA 22 was recently featured in an article published by The Orange County Register in July 2011. Vince shared his journey to become a naturalized United States citizen. Vince's history includes more than 30 years of service with the U.S. Coast Guard, including two tours of Vietnam. We are fortunate to have Vince sharing his time and commitment to community service as a  Senior Legislator with the CSL.

Senior Senator Shirley Krohn of Contra Costa County- PSA 7 and Clare Smith, Consulting Executive Director attended the California Department of Insurance Combined Meeting of Senior , Health and Property & Casualty Advocates Meeting held in San Francisco on October 12, 2011. Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones was actively involved in the small group meetings that addressed a variety of important consumer protections and discussed legislative updates, advocates' concerns and possible future legislative priorities. Following the 2011 Annual Session, CSL will send the 2012 Proposal Book to the CDI legislative unit for their review and consideration. It was an information packed day and we appreciated the opportunity to participate.


Senior Assembly Member Mary Ella Anderson of Humboldt County (PSA 1) has published several updates in the local Humboldt Senior Resource Center Senior News informing the community about CSL events and planning for the annual session. Her news articles have been distributed to the local radio stations. In addition, Mary Ella and Senior Senator Jack Alderson often team up and present on CSL to interested groups. They are scheduled for a presentation to Humboldt County Board of Supervisors on November 8, 2011.


Senior Assembly Member Allan Hurst of Riverside County County (PSA 21) recently taped an interview on "Talk of the Desert" which aired over a 2 month period in Palm Desert. We will posting this excellent educational and promotional interview to our website, Facebook page and YouTube soon, so don't touch that dial!


Senior Assembly Member Quincy Campbell of Alameda County (PSA 9) recently presented to the California Retired State Employees Association (CRSEA)and provided information on the CSL and related legislative updates.  


Senior Assembly Member Don MacAllister of Orange County (PSA 22) also serves as the Chairman of the Senior Citizens Advisory Council of Orange County (SCAC). A recent article in the "Not Born Yesterday!" news paper featured a photo of the group which includes CSL Senior Legislators. the article also listed legislation that addressed aging related issues.   

The California Senior Legislature thanks Governor Brown for signing into law the following legislative bills supported by CSL:




AB 6 (Fuentes)

This bill repeals provisions relating to fingerprinting for eligibility purposes under the CalWORKS and CalFresh programs, and also repeals the quarterly reporting requirements under the CalWORKS program. In addition, the bill would require the development of a utility assistance initiative. 


AB 56 ( Hill)

Prohibits a public utility from recovering any fine or penalty in any rate approved by the Public Utilities Commission. The bill requires the utility to file reports with specified entities describing how the utility is spending ratepayer funds approved for expenditure by the commission.  


AB 69 ( Beall)

Relates to the CalFresh Program. Requires the Department of Social Services seek a federal waiver, demonstration project or other authority to establish a pilot project in 2 areas of the state to more easily enroll eligible recipients into the CalFresh program.


AB 151 (Monning)

This bill requires an insurer to make available Medicare Supplemental benefit plans, A, B,C and F, and benefit plan K and L, or benefit plan M or N. The bill also extends eligibility for specific Medicare supplemental coverage to individuals enrolled in an Medicare Advantage (HMO) plan that increases its premium. 


AB 210 (Solorio)

This bill amends existing law that establishes the Emergency medical Services System and the Prehospital Emergency Medical Care Personnel Act. It requires the membership of an emergency medical care committee in each county to be representative of the emergency medical service system.  


AB 641 (Feuer)

This bill improves oversight of skilled nursing facilities and protect their residents by ensuring citation appeals are properly dealt with in a timely manner and violations are met with a proper level of response.


AB 1293 (Blumenfield)

Authorizes the prosecuting agency in conjunction with a criminal proceeding alleging theft or embezzlement of property worth a minimum amount to file a petition of forfeiture with the superior court of the county in which the defendant has been charged with an underlying criminal offense, and alleging that the defendant has acquired the property or proceeds through theft or embezzlement of an elder or dependent adult's property.   




SB 44 (Corbett)

Requires the Public Utilities Commission to open an appropriate proceeding or expand the scope of an existing proceeding to establish compatible emergency response standards that owners or operators of commission-regulated gas pipeline facilities would be required to follow.  


SB 51 (Alquist)

Relates to the federal Affordable Care Act of  that prohibits a health insurance issuer from establishing lifetime limits or unreasonable annual limits on the dollar  value of benefits for any participant or beneficiary. Requires the issuance of guidance and regulations relating to medical loss ratios.


SB 897 (Leno)

Relates to the California Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE) Act. Enacts the RCFE Residents Foreclosure Protection act of 2011, requires the licensee of a facility to notify the department of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman, and authorizes the department to initiate a compliance plan, noncompliance conference, or other appropriate action.


Read more information about hearing dates and other issues related to these bills by visiting the CSL website at www.4csl.org



couple with laptop
Olmstead Advisory Committee
Seeking Members

The Olmstead Advisry Committee Members represent consumers, family members, providers and advocates.


The committee is responsible for providing input to the California Health and Human Services Agency on its efforts to implement the California Olmstead Plan, recommending actions to improve California's long-term care system and creating opportunities to fund expanded or new activities to support individuals with disabilities in their community. 


We are currently seeking nominations for individuals to serve on the committee and to expand the membership to include:


Representation of local services such as transportation, housing and other community-based services; Veterans; and Consumers of long term services and supports.


If you are interested in applying to serve on the committee, please complete and submit the  California Olmstead Advisory Committee Application.     


California Association of Area Agencies on Aging (C4A)  

Annual Meeting and Allied Conference

November 14 - 16, 2011     Los Angeles

 see information here


California Commission on Aging  

   Statewide Senior Center Forum

November 14-15, 2011     Los Angeles

see information here 


California Senior Legislature

Joint Rules Committee meeting

November 15, 2011     Los Angeles   

 see information here