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Our Funding

The California Senior Legislature operates with a budget just under $300,000 per year. The largest expenditure is for travel to meet with Legislators and the annual Legislative Session in October; next is staff costs.

The CSL is funded primarily through two sources:

Friends of the CSL

Supporters can join and assist the efforts of the California Senior Legislature. Annual memberships cost $10 per person. Members of “Friends of the CSL” can help the CSL in its efforts to:

  • Provide input on issues affecting seniors in California that need to be addressed through legislation;
  • Promote legislative proposals drafted by CSL;
  • Promote it’s accomplishments and serve as a resource on senior issues; and
  • Legislation interacting with other citizens groups, organizations and agencies

To join Friends of the CSL, please complete this application and pay via Paypal at the link below or send a check to the CSL office as referenced below:

Direct Contributions 

Donations of any amount are welcome and appreciated. To contribute to the CSL, make a check payable to CSL, and send it to:

California Senior Legislature
1020 N Street, Room 513
Sacramento, CA 95814

Or donate online:

For more information about why to donate to the California Senior Legislature, check out these public service announcements:

CSL :30 PSA radio spot
CSL :60 PSA radio spot